Mango, Macadamia, Ginger, Coconut Trifle

"I love you more than a million mangoes"
This is a saying my oldest flower, Lily starting saying when she was around 3, as mangoes are her very favourite food in the whole world when she told you this your heart would melt.

Every year she waits with excitement for mango season to begin and every year it is worth the wait.
Perfect as they are in a salads, fruit salads, platters, smoothies, cakes and desserts.
There are just so many gorgeous ways to enjoy them!

My Mango Mousse with Macadamia Crunch
-from the B Fresh with Rebecca Mugridge column in WHY fitness magazine 
You can get the recipe online HERE in the digital version of the magazine - pg 17

And for something really beautiful for those special occasions, 
Christmas and dinner parties this Mango, Macadamia, Ginger and Coconut Trifle is amazing!  

Mango, Macadamia and Coconut Trifle
A stand out table centrepiece, dish to bring to parties, BBQS, for festive occassions or just because!
With coconut yoghurt, fresh in season mangoes, macadamias, a hint of ginger and custard and cream,

·         4 big fresh mangoes, skin removed, sliced
·         1 & ½ cups  Macadamias (I love my local Nutworks macadamias)
·         600 ml cream ( I use Maleny Dairies as their products are nothing added and stunning)or for dairy free/vegan use coconut cream.
·         1 tub CoYo Mango coconut yoghurt (or mango dairy yoghurt yoghurt)
·         500ml custard (I use Maleny Dairies but you can use a homemade/bought dairy free coconut custard of course)
·         2 x packets mango jelly (look for an additive free or organic one or a homemade mango jelly made with agar agar or gelatine works super well)
·         2 x packets jam rollettes GF (OPTIONAL or personal preference, you can of course make your own healthy versions in advance - I have actually done this when I am super organised)
·         1 tablespoon Buderim Ginger cordial (they also now have a STEVIA low sugar version available which is stunning and a staple in my home, you could also use just juiced ginger with a little water and stevia added to it and simmered to make your own cordial type thing )
·         Shredded coconut
·         Trifle bowl or container

·         Make up jelly according to packet directions, set and cool.
·         Whip cream until only just whipped.
·         Line base of trifle container with a layer of sliced rollettes, press down to make a firm base drizzle with Buderim ginger cordial.
·         Slice rollettes into circles.
·         Arrange layers of ingredients in trifle container on top of base i.e custard followed by a thin  layer of coconut, then a layer of sliced mango, then cream, then a sprinkling of macadamia nuts, then jelly, then rollettes and so on.
·         Refrigerate to set.

·         Serve in a clear decorative bowl for a gorgeous table centrepiece.
·         Make individual ones in decorative clear glasses for entertaining.
       Use ginger wine instead of ginger cordial.
      To make dairy free if you have allergies or are vegan swap custard and cream for coconut yoghurt and some coconut or soy icecream.
      You can also make your own additive free jam rollettes and use them in the recipe

Toddler Tips

·         Serve a small amount with lots of fresh mango.

     This delicious trifle was created for the Maleny IGA and their Local Product Local Recipe - recipe card series I did for them. You can check out the entire recipe collection at their website.

    (c)RebeccaMugridge 2012 and 2013


  1. These deserts look amazing. Over summer, mangoes are available in the UK, but they're nothing like those plucked fresh from the trees. We often buy a can of mangoes. They're nice too.

    1. I forget sometimes how lucky we are in Qld Australia with some of our fresh produce but then you have lots of great things there too! You could absolutely use canned mangoes in this one X

  2. I absolutely love your little daughter's declaration of love!! And my family loves trifle, but this one is so different from the one I usually make. I can't wait to surprise them with this one!

    1. Thanks AmyG! Isn't she cute :) She still sais it to this day too :) I bet you make a gorgeous trifle! XX

  3. They look beautiful. I have to admit that I'm not a massive fan of standard trifle, but these look yummy!

  4. This recipe looks amazing. I am definitely going to pin this post and save it for the summer. I love mangoes too! I worked in Mozambique for a few months and we had a mango tree in our back yard. I don't think a single day went by when I didn't eat a mango. I miss those days. Thanks for the great share!

  5. It looks amazing...but I am not sure about the ginger part. I find that I don't often appreciate the flavor of ginger, except as ginger snaps or ginger ale. Who knows? Maybe one day I will be inspired, and try it?


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