Fab Slabs Chopping Boards - Beautiful AND Ethical

If it is possible to heart your chopping board then I certainly do my new one!
My new Fab Slabs chopping board is *gorgeous*
and for those of you who follow my recipes and cooking adventures you will see it make some appearances!

I love it's earthiness, the colours of the wood, how it is great for all food types and actually good for your knives too!
And most of all I love the story behind them, you see they are made from the Camphor Laurel tree. A beautiful tree but one that is sadly a pest in Queensland where I live. These trees are majestic to look at but are an introduced species and very sadly wreak havoc on the native landscape.
"On the Sunshine Coast re vegetation projects are taking place all the time. Camphor Laurel trees are removed so that native plants can be put in their place. Fab Slabs salvages the camphor laurel logs, then mills, dries and turns the timber into beautiful, solid timber slab cutting boards.We are good friends with a number of arborists. When a tree does have to be removed because of road clearing, storm damage or it is a danger to a house, Fab Slabs salvages the log rather than see it dumped, burnt or chipped.

100 % Australian Made and Owned
 Fab Slabs is a family owned and operated business and all of our products are proudly 100% Australian made. All cutting boards are milled, kiln dried and manufactured on the Sunshine Coast, about 1 hour North of Brisbane. Both Paul and Ricky (Fab Slabs Owners) are very much hands on in the production of the cutting boards to maintain a high standard of quality."

You can see an amazing range of these stunning chopping boards at the Maleny Supa IGA - where I bought mine, and what a fantastic Christmas gift idea too!

It is so powerful and rewarding to make even the simple purchases we make for ourselves, our homes and the gift we give thoughtful ones.

Rebecca x

Text and images (c)RebeccaMugridge
NOTE: I purchased this fab slabs chopping board myself.


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