RECIPE - Healthy Chocolate Maca Balls

Chocolate Maca Balls

Delicious, easy to make and healthy. Have one or two a day to help satisfy the chocolate/sweet cravings and give yourself a boost of goodness too. These are also really good "mojo" boosters - if you know what I mean!!!

·         1 tablespoon Maca Powder
·         1 tablespoon Organic Natural Cocoa powder (I like Planet Organic) or cacao
·         1 cup almond meal
·         ¼ cup smooth pure peanut, macadamia or cashew butter (or sunflower paste for nut free)
·         ½ cup desiccated coconut
·         ¼ cup dark Agave  
·         10 drops sweet leaf  vanilla stevia (or vanilla paste)
·         ¼ cup stevia (or honey/maple syrup/agave/rice malt syrup)
·         8 prunes, chopped
·         8 dried apricots, chopped
·         1 banana, mashed
·         ¼ cup extra desiccated coconut
·         ¼ cup sesame seeds

·         In a large bowl combine agave and vanilla stevia drops.
·         Mix in the banana and peanut butter. Combine well.
·         Add in the apricots, prunes, desiccated coconut, maca powder, cocoa, stevia and almond meal.
·         Mix together well.
·         Pour the extra desiccated coconut onto a plate and the sesame seeds onto a second plate.
·         Roll mixture into balls and then roll each ball into either the coconut or sesame seeds.
·         Place all balls in an air tight container and refrigerate for 30 minutes.
·         Enjoy.
·         Keep in an airtight container in the fridge.
·         For extra flavour, sweetness and a real chocolate hit add an extra 10 drops of chocolate liquid stevia as well as the vanilla.
·         Dried fruit can be varied according to personal preferences.
·         Add crushed nuts and swap smooth for crunchy Pressed Purity Peanut Butter for a different texture.
·         A beautiful satisfying sweet treat that you can enjoy for afternoon tea without the guilt!

Toddler Tips
  • This is a wonderful little treat for kids that they truly will love and you know exactly what is in it.

This recipe is from my professional portfolio and was created by me for the Maleny IGA Local Product Local Recipe - recipe cards, on the Sunshine Coast.

Recipe & Food Image Photography ©RebeccaMugridge 2013


  1. Hi Bec,

    What is MACA powder? I haven't heard of it before?

    This look like a treat for me! and maybe the kids!

  2. Hi Annaleis, it is a superfood powder and you dont taste it as such. You can buy by itself or my fave as a blend which are REALLY yum!
    You can make these with or without it but I love ading my superfoods in, and I must warn these are so addictively yummy, keep them in the fridge, they actually taste better after being chilled so great to make a batch for a few days worth and have in the fridge :)

  3. Oh again, your recipes are awesome! Thanks for linking up at Gluten Free Fridays. I have this recipe pinned and tweeted :)

    1. Thanks Cindy!
      I missed your comment until now for some reason! I just LOVE your gluten free fridays! XX

  4. Yes Yes Love it! ;)
    We love making dessert balls around here ;) And I do like adding a bit of Maca ;) Yum!
    Thanks for sharing this at the last potluck party (sorry for my late visit to say hello, but I LOVE your recipes ;) Everything looks amazing ;)

    ps. I'm having a Summer Picnic Potluck Party this week ~ would love it if you could make it ;) xo

    xoxo Ella


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