Healthy, Happy Kids (Tips, Ideas, Posts, Recipes, Products)

Raising healthy, happy kids is at the heart of mum's everywhere.

And it's not always easy.
When I had my first daughter I was overwhelmed with a passion to give her the best possible start in life I could and I realised the best way of doing this was by living one myself, it was hard work sometimes but worth every effort.
I involve my girls now in growing food, sourcing food, cooking food and eating meals as family. We go for big walks, visit natioanl parks, do yoga, swim and exercise together.

Both my girls have grown up going for huge pram walks, spending lots of time in the fresh air outside, getting dirty like kids love to do, playing in muddy puddles (thanks peppa) earthy fun in nature, picking organic veggies and eating them straight out of the garden and both love their fruits and vegetables and family meals.

Here are some things, recipes, tips, activities I have learnt along the way, found of enormous benefit or just LOVE for raising healthy, happy kids XX

RECIPE - Vegelicious Muffins
POST - Having a nature day with kids - get out and get unplugged
POST - How do you get children to eat spinach.
RECIPE - Zucchini Carrot & Ricotta Rolls (kids love these!)
POST - Earthy Fun with Kids. Make a bug house.
RECIPE - Beautiful Beetroot & Yoghurt Chocolate Muffins
PRODUCT - Eco Gardening Kits For Kids.
RECIPE - Pineapple and Sweet Corn Mini Quiches
POST - Organic food and kids.
RECIPE - Kids Pink Sparkle Drink (no food colouring or sugar)
POST - Pram walking tips with babies.
RECIPE - Cheesey Potato & Carrot Hash Browns
POST - Kids in the Garden.
RECIPE - Mango & Rockmelon Mousse ( No Added Sugar)
POST - Childhood Obesity.
RECIPE - Carved Watermelon Fruit Salad Basket (Great for parties, entertaining and school events!)
PRODUCT - Little Quacker Organic Rice Biscuits.
RECIPE - Macca Balls ( healthy, gluten free, egg free, no added sugar)
POST - Grow Your Own Sprouts. Kids in the garden. Kids in the kitchen.
POST - Homemade takeaway and bake it Sundays
PRODUCT - Allergy Free, Nut Free. Eskal NutFree Butter.
RECIPE - Sugar free recipe ideas
GUEST POST - Happy Food Shopping with a Toddler.
PRODUCT - Trollipop.
RECIPE - Choccyliscious Muffins (No added sugar)
POST - School Holiday Cooking. Fun in the Kitchen.
POST - Fruity Inspiration.
GUEST POST - Zoe Bingly Pullin. Kids and Avocados. Includes recipe.
RECIPE - Moist Chocolate, Zucchini and Chia Seed Cake
PRODUCT - Dinosnores - practical, peaceful help to get kids to sleep
POST - 5 recipes to make with the kids
PRODUCT - Healthy Icy Treats. SMOOZE
RECIPE - Super moist carrot & ginger cake

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  1. My little daughter love being outside and playing but even on those days when it too hot or trying some different activity playing. So lovely post for this context.

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  2. This post is awesome :D But Babies are VerY Awesome :D

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  3. Just keep your children on those leafy green vegetables for stronger immune system.

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  10. Great list for little one. I mostly try to give nutritional food to keep my baby healthy. Thanks for providing tips and ideas. I will surely try to follow above guidelines

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