The Maleny Super IGA Pink Pram Push 2012
Watch the footage from the very first Pink Pram Push in 2011

Watch the 2012 Launch Party on 7 News and Win News above.
So what is The Pink Pram Push? And why dod we do it?
 Rebecca Mugridge said, "This is an event that shows that every mum is not only important and extraordinary, but can go out and achieve extraordinary thing"s. Being a mum you can feel like so small sometimes. Like nothing you do is ever going to make a real difference, you can even feel overwhelmed with life and even loneliness and depression. I know I have. Having been through Post Natal Depression I personally know how overwhelming everything can feel, especially if you don't have a good support network. Research has shown though that pram walking can have a huge impact on easing and even preventing post natal depression - so what better way for mums to come together in a big exciting event. An event like this is empowering to mums. Inspiring them to want to do more and be more, to get together and support each other and their community. I talk to a lot of mums from right around Australia and one thing always stands out, whether that mum lives in the middle of Sydney or rural outback Australia - mums care. They have this in-built, caring ability that does nurture and envelope their family but also has the ability to spread out into their community and the wider world." 
*Media has permission to quote Rebecca Mugridge on these comments. *
   Lara Hodgson, co organiser said "Last year (2011) we organised a Pink Pram Walk for Pink Ribbon Day raising awareness for Breast Cancer, in a fun way and raising money for a local Sunshine Coast charity, the Cindy Mackenzie Breast Cancer Foundation."
"It was a HUGE success and this year we planned to make it even bigger and better!"         
So how did it come about?? Last year Lara and I organised a Pink Pram Walk for Pink Ribbon Day but also as a great incentive for mums to get together and go for a pram walk, for fitness, for fun, for health and it was fantastic.

We were really impressed at the amount of mums who wanted to get involved!
The Pink Pram Push was an attemptto break the  Guinness world record for the most Prams Walking at once. The current title is held by Hong Kong with 574 prams moving at once. While we didn't break the record we had an outstanding turnout and show of support from the Sunshine Coast region.          

Our Naming Rights Sponsor  for 2012 was the Maleny Supa IGA


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