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ISBN: 978-1-86325-687-2
Publisher -Random House
                                                       Author Rebecca Mugridge
The Pram Diet book is also available to loan and read for free through Australian libraries.

Cindy O'Neil It is the best book to really shake you from the norm and into - "let's go get em" 2012

Krysti Blumsom I have your book the pram diet which I love! I have a 10 week old baby and these recipes and food plan are so easy to follow. I made the banana cupcakes just last night for my husband and he devoured them! The cookbook is great, cant wait to be able to buy it in store for a quick reference while in the kitchen! Yummmmo! 2012

Cathryn Goldstone-Facebook

"Hi Rebecca, Just wanted to say a quick thank you for writing such a inspirational book, I am only half way through and try and find 5 minutes a day between looking after a newborn and my 6yr old son to read your book and bring me back to reality. I have taken your tips on stress and have copied and printed them and they stick proudly my fridge for when time feels a little stressful! Also have made a wee reminder which sticks in my wardrobe with positive "I am..."and " Whats important to me in my life right now..." messages to look at every morning to remind me how lucky I am. I am now a daily pram walker and it gives me peace and refreshes my mind. Thank you so much for your help you have changed my post baby life, without The Pram Diet I know I would be so miserable." 2012

Dana Thompson-Club Unique
I'm really loving your book Rebecca. I love the way you write and how personal you have made it. The dedication you made to your daughter at the beginning made me quite teary.I feel like sitting down and reading it all in one hit, but I'm just reading a few pages each night and really taking it in. I'm reading about all your little ideas on pampering yourself. Your ideas are simple, beautiful and good for the soul. I'm going to recommend your book to my friends. 2012

And if it weren't for Bek's book the Pram Diet, I don't think I would be where I am now. Reading it felt like I was ready my story and it really has helped me over time to live healthier for the better of me, my baby and my family.
Thanks Bek xx
Lauren.H. Facebook

Rebecca I have finished your book and it was amazing, I have lost 10kg so far and still have a another 10 but getting there :-) We have enjoyed all your recipes so far from the book they are so easy to make and so delicious, :-) Kan 2012

"I bought this book the other day and let's just say I am going to start PRAM DIETING!!" Walking mums fit prams group-facebook

I saw your book in the book shop a couple of days ago and bought it! It is so so awesome and something that I will definitely see if I can promote it with other mums...Samara

Women's Health Queensland Wide. We have purchased your book The Pram Diet and made it available to women through our free lending library. We thought it an important resource to have as part of our work in health and well-being for new mothers.

Personal shout out to the amazing Author Rebecca Mugridge who wrote a book that is not just about weight loss but about reality and what she truly faced before finding her gorgeous self again. Thank you Bec for your inspiration. I have loved your book and think you are wonderful.

Such an inspiration and motivational book! CCM: Cherub Childminding Services Family Day Care Scheme

The author Rebecca Mugridge nearly jumps off the book cover with her charismatic personality. This book not only speaks to new mothers, but all women regardless of their circumstances. If I was a little girl, I would want to be her daughter Lily.
Every time I see young healthy-looking mothers pushing a pram, I instantly think that they must have read the Pram Diet.
This would be a great gift for both the new and old mother.
I highly recommend this beautiful and refreshing book.
Dawn Alice author of Life Love Tarot

The Pram Diet written by Rebecca Mugridge is a fantastic book to read. It is uplifting and inspirational. Written by someone who actually cares about how her readers feel. The recipes are tasty and healthy and the gardening tips show a wealth of garden wisdom. Well done Rebecca, a great book.
Belinda M Jordan
"rebecca i need your book for inspiration! i have been walking every day when i can if i have to work then ill do it on the days when i don't. i walked from home to runaway bay yesterday-Sarah facebook

"hey Rebecca just ordered 3 books at amazon i reckoned they will make good gifts to a few girls that are pushing prams and expecting mothers-Jai
Dear Rebecca Mugridge.
Loved the book and TV coverage of The Pram Diet. I have always insisted that dieting without exercise is useless. Unfortunately since retiring, we no longer have a pram and are too tired to have a baby. Heck!
Jeff and Marcia - Maryborough Qld

made your moist pumpkin cake this arvo and cooked the asparagus quiche for dinner from the book!! Its all gone since this arvo, the kids and my fiancee loved it!! Want more recipes hehe x Alicia-facebook

Wish you were around when my children were young, but I am pleased you are available to share your talents with the new mum's of the world. :) Alice-facebook
You should do a TV show called, "Cooking Healthy with Rebecca" and sometimes do shows where your little one can help you in the kitchen!-Donna facebook

Hi there Bec, I was wondering is there a link about your ACA show were we can post it onto our own pages for inspiration? Many thanks..x Jess -facebook

I have a 5 week old bubba and went out and bought the book today I have no idea where to start so I am very excited and motivated about reading your book :-) Even bettere that its from a real mum from real experience. :-D Kandice

I have recently had my third child, and I just wanted to thank Rebecca for her support - Your book is going to be the major boost I need to get back in shape after being pregnant. Dell

I loved your book!!! Your book is amazing!! I have already made some of the recipes!
Lori-Alabama-T.V. Presenter

Your doing a great job- great writing - keep it up! Cheryl Brisbane Qld Aus

Thank you so much. You are a very inspiring author! Ruth Townsend
Your words spur me on to glow brighter and brighter.Thank you! X Amanda-myspace

just wanted to let you no that I just ordered your book threw AMAZON!!!! Im so excited!! ♥ Allyson (from the US)

Your an inspiration !!! i cant wait till i am back to my old shape soo over it just bought your book!! Steff –myspace

Keep up the good work, your an inspiration to many, Rebekah McAllen TX USA

Since i have started following ur Diet i have losted over 20 pounds i only have 30 more pounds to lose until i have hit 125 pounds thank you for your helpful guidelines.. Tiffany Mysace

Your an inspiration to women everywhere. Michelle, Warwick. Myspace

I have lost 15 kilos!! Your book inspired me so much. I started walking everyday with my double pram! Yep baby and toddler lol!!! And the weight just started falling off and my kiddos love the walks now.  I really liked your tips and your recipes are so yum! Thanks Rebecca
Jenny. S. Qld

Your an insiration for all mommies! Jana, Texas USA
Hi Rebecca thanks so much for all you do for healthy living! You are an awesome mumma. Sarah, SA, US, Myspace

Thanks for all you do Rebecca, Lori USA

Keep up the good work, Sarah, Brisbane Australia-myspace

I am a 23 yr old mum to 3 beautiful kids, you have inspired me thanks, Jasmine Melbourne Australia
Great book! Cheryl Ann, Lincoln, CA, USA

Hopefully the pram diet will work as fantastically for me again after I have my baby girl-Lacey Melbourne Victoria, Australia

Positivity is contagious-keep spreading its symptoms!! Miranda, Michigan, Myspace

I'm sure you've heard it a thousand times-one more wont hurt! Your an inspiration!!-Sarah M myspace
Loving the pram diet-pure genious. Stacey, Sydney Australia

Your an inspiring woman, thank you. Claudia, Tampa, Fl, USA

Your such an inspiration keep up the good work. Regina, Farmington, NA USA

Your such a beautiful woman, so inspirational. Katie , Lower Plenty, Vic, Myspace

Your such a remarkable woman-Pam, Plant City, FL, USA
Your a very inspirational person-Tamara, Perth
Thanks for all your yummy recipes. Ive now lost 5 kilo's and depression is in check-Julianne US

Thankyou you truly are an inspiration. Deborah Lake Havasu City AZ USA

You sure do have a way with words. Very soothing and just reading your book and blog makes me feel so much better.Keep up the good work Rebecca and keep writting........Cam -Myspace

Thank you to all the people who have contacted me over the last couple of years!

Your feedback has meant so much-and I have LOVED all the recipe photo's!
Special note: If you want to share some feedback or a review with me please contact me through either FACEBOOK or EMAIL or send me a letter!

Thank you dear readers from the bottom of my heart,
Rebecca xx


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The breathtaking bond that consumes a woman as she holds her newborn baby is
simply beautiful. Feelings of joy, hope and awe race through her body, igniting
adrenaline-fuelled surges of emotion that seem to create a timeless bubble of bliss.
For me, the first two precious months of motherhood became a blur of the purest and
deepest happiness I have ever known. Holding my daughter asleep in my arms, I felt
complete peace. My partner Damien and I were happier than we had ever been.

But the realisation that this tiny person depends on you, and will learn from you the
values and life skills needed to successfully guide them to adulthood, brings with it a
great feeling of responsibility.

As a new mother, I became painfully aware that my lifestyle was not an ideal model
for a healthy, active and happy life.

By the time Lily was a couple of months old, stress, exhaustion and fatigue had
combined with diminishing self esteem and feelings of unattractiveness and
sluggishness to leave me feeling depressed. There was an overall sense of heaviness I
could not seem to lift. Slowly but surely, this downward spiral began to affect my
ability to truly enjoy the blessings of my new child.

One day, utterly sick of feeling frustrated, angry and depressed, I put Lily in the pram,
packed it up with spare bottles, blankets, nappies, dummies, teddies, water, sunscreen,
a blanket, toys – even a first aid kit – and we went for our first big walk together. This
walk wasn’t a means to an end or a method of transportation – it was just a walk for
walking’s sake. It wasn’t a marathon, but it was a big walk for us. I couldn’t believe
how amazing it felt, walking in that glorious fresh air, looking at the graceful, mighty
trees, gazing at the endless horizon, hearing the wondrous sounds of nature all around
us, smelling the wild, fresh scents, feeling the sun on my skin and the breeze in my
hair. I could literally feel layers of stress and ill feelings peeling off me.

I had found a way to change my life for the better. A way to lift the dark feelings that
had been draped around me and raise myself up to a new place where I was vibrant,

healthy and, best of all, felt like a beautiful woman who was truly enjoying being a
mother to my precious little daughter. I felt proud to be me and knew with confidence
that I could and would, after all, be the great role model I wanted to be for my
daughter. Above all, I felt a real sense of self achievement, knowing that the greatest
gift we can pass on to our children is the ability to live a healthy and happy lifestyle.
The Pram Diet tells the story of how I achieved this positive transformation and how
every mum, everywhere, can too.

Copyright © Rebecca Mugridge, 2009
All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, transmitted in
any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior
written permission of the publisher.

Extract from THE PRAM DIET by Rebecca Mugridge

Available in bookshops
ISBN: 9781863256872 | Imprint: Bantam | Publisher: Random House Australia

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