“Rebecca is an excellent writer and understands immediately what you require and delivers quality articles each time you need them.” 
“Rebecca is an inspiring woman who has touched the lives of many mothers and others throughout Australia, with her powerful but simple insights. Her success is based largely on her empathy for others, and her own love and dedication. Rebecca is a very special person and I'm excited to see her future directions.”
Cherie Curtis (Cheryse Durrant), Journalist, NewsMail 

“Rebecca is a charismatic writer, filled with inspiration. Her message is simple & easy to implement. Rebecca is an amazing person with exceptional writing & speaking skills. I highly recommend Rebecca for any speaking engagement”
Michelle Ovens, Owner/Founder, Maia Organics Australia

Rebecca Mugridge is an amazing author. I can highly recommend her work to all women.
Kate Tempest.

Thanks Rebecca for a wonderful empowering and well written article. Thanks also for sharing about your own difficulties and challenges and about the strength to overcome PND. What a fantastic no-nonsense, no-excuse rationale to get out of the house and get those endorphins pumping! Time to dust off the trainers and hit te pavement with my nearly 8 week old and our new buggy. Slowly slowly, gently gently, but gaining momentum in time
Tanya (from a guest post at The Mama Club)

Love your posts and everything you have to offer!! Your an inspiration for all mummy's Sunny Bubs - Facebook

I just love Author Rebecca Mugridges wholesome yummy recipes. Totally recommend her book if you are looking for the yummy mummy within, yummy recipes and a good read! Club Unique - Facebook



  1. I love hopping on in the evening to check out what awesome meals you have shared.....so yummmy!!! Keep up the great work Bek! I love it!

    Jodie xo


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