An Afternoon Tea Party with Tomarata Sensational Zucchini Pickles

A Family Tradition

Does your family have one? Or three? I decided awhile ago that I would start some lovely family traditions with my girls. Regular things we do together, moments that are just about us spending time together, bonding, enjoying life.

We currently have two!
Our Friday night girls movie and homemade pizza night and our once a week Afternoon Tea Party!

At least once a week we have a very special afternoon tea party together.

We chat over lovely nibbles and things like chai & hot chocolate, iced tea or smoothies and sit at a pretty table and enjoy each others company. It is so much fun. I make it different each week, sometimes it is a pretty high tea with delicate china and lace tablecloths, (and we have been known to all dress up as princesses for it too! haha) other times more a picnic style relaxing in the garden with blankets or it's a fresh food fiesta or something we have made together.

It is such a special thing to make a time and start a regular family tradition, I am really enjoying it and have decided to share some of them on my blog. It is a couple of hours scheduled in once a week where my girls and I enjoy each other's company and follow in my family's tradition of making and enjoying food together, with chefs, cooks and foodies galore in the family we really do love to eat, laugh and enjoy food together.
I just love sharing the joys of cooking, growing food, sourcing food and enjoying food.

Today we had a very fresh and crunchy afternoon tea and the highlight was the most beautiful Zucchini pickles!
"Tomarata Sensational Zucchini Pickles." I was really looking forward to trying them, especially as they are Australian Made and they are a local product to where I live too. I have always enjoyed pickles and preserves and was impressed at how delicious these were. My kids both enjoyed them too.

My toddler especially loved it on rice crackers and would have eaten half a jar given a chance! The flavour combination was gorgeous and you immediately think of all the lovely ways you could also eat it.
It would be a really great Christmas Gift Basket inclusion, something I am doing this year. Available from the Maleny Supa IGA, (where I got mine from) this zucchini pickle is beautiful.
I thought it would be nice but it really exceeded my expectations, I was really impressed.
It is not too tangy that kids won't eat it but is tangy enough that adults will really enjoy it.

Rebecca xx

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