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Mums Keeping It Real

There is a change happening and I can feel it, I can even now start to see it, spreading through the social media sites.
Mums are fed up with the super mum tag, fed up with trying to appear and be perfect at everything, all the time.

Mums now want more fresh honesty, realness, personality and humour.

We want to know we are not alone. That another mum has felt the same as us or been through what we have.
Sometimes we want the real because we just want to feel more connected and grounded.  We want to reach out and talk to other real, honest mums, even if they are on the other side of the world. To read that it is not just us that has had a horrible day and to reassure ourselves that one bad day a does not make us a failure.

It can be an enriching experience to hear the emotional story behind an inspiring mum or an experience from a motherhood journey. Good, sad and life changing ones. We want to be moved, inspired, uplifted, touched by another person, even if we have never met them. We want to be able to embrace our emotions and their story. Sometimes we just want to hear that the inspiring women we look up to are real too, just like us.

The trend happening is women now want more REAL.

Let's be honest, if you want an escape from reality you can grab a fabulous book or dvd.
Sometimes it is more refreshing to get a does of realness.
We want to know we are not alone, maybe to be reminded that actually we are pretty blessed, or are doing really well and that that everybody is different but everybody is human too.

So I am going to share below some Mums Keeping It Real blogs that I have read recently that warmed my

Share the support and sisterhood of motherhood and link in your own inspiring realness blog post for Mums Keeping it Real this April tooand share the Mums Keeping It Real blog with the beautiful mums you know.
Lets share the realness

Rebecca xx
Here is a photo of me and the kids after getting drenched with rain so a very real shot with soggy hair and washed off makeup >>>

And below are just some of the amazing blogs I have read and loved recently, starting with the gorgeous The Yogic Housewife who I was blessed to have write a fantastic and very real guest post for this blog!

5 very real Steps to Happiness - The Yogic Housewife
Vomiting Chicken - The Problem of Perception Perfection
Gratitude - a VERY moving post by the Naughty Naturopath Mum
Bad Mothers Society - The Yogic Housewife
The Eco Mum - on being a little un-eco at times
The Myth of The Perfect Person - Dog Rose Healing
Natural New Age Mum sharing her homemade chocolate face mask complete with real photos
(Yes she is that real she has photo's on the internet in a face mask, one cool woman! :)
Shocking things I found in my sons shoe drawer!
The art of letting go - Mamacino
Motherhood Burnout - Mamacino
It's ok to say I'm not ok - Mums Lounge
The Tanty Files - iSophie (This will make you laugh!)


  1. Great list! I am working my way through it over a cup of coffee (or 2) this morning (again up too early on a weekend, curse you soccer!)

    1. Thanks Sophie!
      Ahh yes we are on holidays but normally it is ballet early on a Sat morning x

  2. This is a great topic, thank you Rebecca. I have written a couple of blogs on how we manage the hectic pace attributed to family life. Unlike most of my posts the one I am sharing with you doesn't contain a recipe but it does talk about the chaos and I'm sure many Mums will relate to days like these. Thanks again.

    1. Thanks for linking up Wholefood Simply and absolutely!! xx

  3. Awesome post. Just added my blog! Well I hope I'm keeping motherhood real lol.

  4. It is NOT only Mums that want real! I think the trend is everyone being more open to honesty about challenges, struggles and wins! At least that is what I am seeing and supporting whole heartedly. BTW, you look pretty amazing after getting rained on!

    1. Absolutely right it is a real, exciting change everywhere, the more we all share our realness the more it grows too, thanks for reading and commenting Arla and for the very kind compliment xx

  5. Have linked up!You have decided my fate tonight-doing some light reading :-) Jess xx

    1. There is some fabulous breading in there too Jess! Thanks so much for linking up XX

  6. I've been discussing authenticity a lot lately. And I instantly recognise it and resonate with it when I come across it. I have no idea how to link to your blog but here is a recent post from my heart:

    1. Hi Brenda! Thanks so much reading and for linking up! Just click on the blue oval add your link button beneath the pictures at the end of the post XX

    2. I'll pop this one up there for you X

    3. Thanks so much for that : ) And for visiting my page. Bren x

    4. Pleasure Brenda! Thanks for sharing XX

  7. I try my best to be the realest I can be. There's no satisfaction if you know you're not being yourself.

  8. When I was a young mother, I tried to be perfect. Big mistake. I might have thought I was doing a good job, but hindsight has proved otherwise. Maybe I shouldn't have been to strict with myself. Then, I would have enjoyed the role more.

    1. I know exactly what you mean, I thought everything had to be perfect after baby no 1 and ended up exhausted and with Post Natal Depression XX

  9. Bek,
    You just made my day by including me in the impressive array of blogs above! Thanks so much. And may I add to the chorus who believe that you're just beautiful with or without make-up. Your kiddies are beautiful, too! :)

  10. Oh that's awesome AmyG!!
    I LOVED your post.
    Thank you so very much, you are way too kind ;)

  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  12. Hey Rebecca. Wonderful idea thanks for sharing. I have shared my blog and look forward to reading other mummy bloggers.
    My story is one of heartbreak and inspiration and as a yoga teacher working with mum's and kid's I am determined to make a difference. So happy we connected. Love Leonie Yoga mum x

  13. Hi Leonie! I love your blog and what you do, thanks so much for sharing and linking up!! Really delighted to have connected with you XX


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