Happy Food Shopping with a Toddler - WIN a Trollipop!

Taking kids shopping is often not easy, taking a toddler shopping is usually a nightmare.  There’s that difficult age which can start around 12 months where they can become resistant to sitting in the shopping trolley child seat.

For parents to survive shopping with young children – the best way is to try and keep them safely secured in the shopping trolley child seat for as long as possible.  

However, this is easier said than done! So here are some tips to get them in the shopping trolley and keep them there that may help.

* Park near a trolley bay in the carpark and put them straight from the car into the child seat in the shopping trolley.  If you carry them into the shops or let them walk, there is less chance you will get them to go willingly into the shopping trolley.  

* Use a shopping trolley cover with a built in harness – the child waist strap on the shopping trolley is often not sufficient to prevent children from trying to wriggle out of the seat.  An over the shoulder harness can deter this behaviour, and the cover makes the trolley more comfortable and inviting for them too.

* Get the essentials first – that way you are not pushing them beyond their limits and getting yourself stressed out to get those essentials, if they start to get restless.

* Keep that trolley moving! Put the fruit, vegetables, meats, deli items and other grocery items that you need to stop to pack or select at the top of your list and get them first.  This way if they are getting restless towards the end you can quickly get the rest of your essentials and get out!  

* Encourage independence - use a shopping trolley organiser so they can get their own snacks, drinks and toys

* Make sure you continue to talk and interact with your child – let them know they have your attention by singing, talking, giving kisses and cuddles etc. This done consistently may remind them that they will get a lot of attention if they sit in the shopping trolley child seat and encourage them to want to sit there.

* Wherever you can get them to help – the fruit and vegetables section is great for this give them a bag and where fruit and vegetables are stored up high and within easy reach get them to help fill the bag (just make sure they are secured in the seat with a restraint and do not lean over to reach items)

* Keep a special toy or treat in your hand bag to keep them entertained while you wait at the checkout - try wrapping a small toy in a few layers of paper, this keeps their hands and mind busy while you unpack and pay for the shopping.

* Lastly, keep them in the trolley until you return to the car, once again if they figure out they can get out and run around that is what they will want to do – no stopping for that $2 merry go round – straight from the shopping trolley child seat and back into the car.

* Be persistent! If they are starting to resist the trolley, try as much as you can to get them to sit in the shopping trolley child seat.  My 2 year old son often resists however once I get him strapped in, we get moving and he is snacking away he has forgotten all about trying to get out.

So remember, be organised, don’t plan to do everything, get the essentials and get out.  Keep up the interaction and get them to help wherever possible. From car to shops and back to car keep them in the shopping trolley child seat.

Lauren Angove is Mum to 2 boys aged 2 & 6 yrs and runs her own business providing products and information to help make shopping with kids easier, including her own invention Trollipop (www.trollipop.com.au) – designed to help kids independently snack and play while parents shop

As a mum of a toddler myself I think this invention is BRILLIANT!!
Shopping is something you always have to do, you always take a drink and often snacks or buy a snack while you are in there and are always looking for things to entertain them - and keep them in the trolley!
How would you like to WIN one of these amazing inventions and have stress free shopping

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  1. hello thanks for the chance to win one my daughter would love this
    laura sutcliffe

  2. What a fantastic idea! So simple but them they are usually the best!


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