Fruity Inspiration

Fruity Inspiration
There is an exciting trend to see food as beautiful and exciting, not just something we consume.
 I have always loved to have fruit and vegetables on display when I can and to decorate with them on platters and BBQs and things.
This is a fun afternoon tea my daughters and I made today using a pineapple base on a bed of baby spinach and mint leaves using lots of fruit to decorate.
So much fun to do together.
All you need is:
  • A big plate or platter
  • A pineapple
  • A leafy base (we used baby spinach and mint from our garden - so we got to collect them together too)
  • Cut up fruit like rockmelon, watermelon, orange, banana, kiwifruit
  • Berries is available
All you do is:
  • I cut the pineapple top off then cut down four side and remove the large inside and it leaves a great flower or star shape to work with.
  • We then laid a bed of greens on a platter
  • Placed the pineapple base
  • The kids arranged a fruit pattern
  • Eat!
You could also:
  • Use the pineapple itself as its own plate for no washing up!
 What you could create together is only limited by your imagination!

And the best pasrt of course is an empty plate!

My beautiful fruit featured here was all from the Maleny Supa IGA who have such beautiful fresh fruit!


I love that you found yourself on my blog!
Thank you reading.
Have a gorgeous day!

Rebecca X

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