Fit Kids - keeping our kids healthy, the fit kid toolbox with Hivita

Being a fit, healthy family in these modern times can be quite the challenge!
Many families find it a challenge and even when you do get it happening well, and you all eat well you can still be falling short of certain minerals and vitamins. It is hard!
Families and especially kids are busier than ever so it is more important than ever to give our bodies everything it needs to work at peak performance.

As a mum, passionate about healthy, active living and a dance mum of a very active competitive dancer and cheerleader, I know nutrition and health is so important.
My youngest from a tiny age was filled with passion and drive to dance and stretch and lunge about our house like a Yogi. It is this amazing drive in her that I also see in lots of other kids these days as well.
Not a very big TV family I have always encouraged outdoor activities, dancing, yoga and sports for all the confidence and health benefits. My youngest loves it so very much.
We eat well, loads of vegetables and fruit every week but when your child is also learning for many hours a day at school and then training 3-4 afternoons a week or doing different activities they need a really great action plan to support them.

For my little ballerina and for other kids that do sports, dance, cheerleading, swimming or are just active kids wanting to be healthy this is my action plan!

  • Good sleep.
    I make sure she gets 12 hours a night, for her age, level of training and school this ensures she is well rested.
  • Hydration.
    We actually generally pack two bottles of filtered water for school so we can monitor just how much she is drinking there and so she drinks more.
  • Relaxation time.
    I make sure she gets soaking relaxing baths with kid appropriate essential oils, Epsom salts magnesium baths, massages, chiropractic adjustments if needed and downtime days of relaxation.
  • Green time.
    It might sound obvious but we actually have to make a mental plan to get enough of this in some weeks when we are really busy! This includes beach time, bush walking, a trip to a waterfall, river walks, park plays, tree climbing, muddy puddles! Fresh air + sunshine + dirt!
  • Nutrition.
    Lots of raw vegetables and fruits, green smoothies before school, healthy protein sources, good fats. Healthy snacks to give longer sustained energy and lots of diversity in vegetables.
An extra boost.
At the moment we are doing this with HIVITA for KIDS
I have found this to be a really useful extra tool in the parenting toolbox actually. I was sent some to review and I noticed the first days that it gave her a boost in energy levels, (not like the sugar boost that has an awful after effect crash but the great sustained energy boost we might see from power juices and things as adults.)
My daughter found the taste pleasant and it had a full range of minerals and vitamins, unlike many multivitamins that forget about the all important minerals we need too!
It would also be equally great I imagine for the fussy eaters, the low immune kids that seem to catch every cold that goes about, myself and my oldest more studios daughter are also currently taking Hivita as well and do actually feel a lot better for it.
I think it can be so easy to forget about all the extra minerals that humans actually need to be in top health, they don't even get that much of a mention in the media but they are so important for our health and wellbeing.

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*This was a sponsored post by Hivita. Opinions and reviews completely our own.

Cruising for a Celebrity Chef Experience AND an amazing family holiday

When you hear the word cruise, you immediately envision a sense of relaxation, of peace, warm sunshine, cool breezes, exciting cocktails, sarongs and time slowing down.
You can hear the kids giggling as they play and imagine the endless amounts of amazing food and entertainment.

Ok, some parents (insert grin) might also smile in glee at the thought of kids happily entertained in kids clubs so they can enjoy some adult relaxation too like restaurant eating and deck lounging with a good book, going to the gym, walking about deck, having a nap without, "Hey mum, mum can you, mum look at, mum she hit me... every 3 seconds haha!!
Going on a cruise is like the ultimate family holiday I am sure, something for everyone packaged into a really safe way to travel where everything is taken care of for you, you don;t have to worry, you don't have to cook, you don't have to wash up, you don't have to rush, you can de-stress.

3 years ago we went on a holiday to spend some time with family on the opposite end of the country, and this was wonderful but this also involved for me as a single mother, a 2 hour car trip at very, very early hours of the morning, then airport navigation carrying a little one on one hip and one hand on another one and organising tickets, luggage, drinks, snacks, kids entertainments, jackets, shoes, toilet stops, Then a long flight with one child screaming for at least 40 minutes, both getting restless, one putting stickers on the sleeping man next to me, frequent toilet visits in that cramped space, drinks spilt, that was followed by another 5 hour drive to our destination which involved about 2 hours of crying from a fed up toddler, a few lovely days spent with family before doing it all in reverse but throwing in a flight change and a 30 minute window to dash from one connecting plane to another and onto a final plane with no entrainment causing cross kids and then waking up kids to get them off planes and drag them on another road trip home after so much rushing about already. I came home stressed, delighted to have spent time with my family, but stressed and realising wow, travelling with young kids is full on...

This is why honestly, myself, my kids and my mother are planning on taking a cruise ourselves soon as my kids next big holiday experience, I think travel wise it is going to be a holiday we can actually relax on and it leaves from Sydney which is just a short flight away! Yay
I know from friends that have done them with kids that a cruise is going to be perfect and is one where we can spend time just laughing, eating, having fun and relishing the moments. Where the kids are completely catered for and have the best time, which means happy kids = relaxed mum!

Going on a cruise.
It feels like the perfect holiday already, but imagine combining all of that with the utter thrill of a celebrity chef restaurant experience too...where do I sign up???

YES, that's right.

As if going on a cruise wasn't enough fun already now, with cruise agency you can actually book into a celebrity chef restaurant experience while on your cruise!

From Jamie Oliver's Italian restaurant to Salt Grill by Luke Mahon to Share by Curtis Stone

Food is one of the biggest memories you take away from you when you travel.
I have often heard it said that one of the things people tend to remember most when they go on holiday, travel is the food.

I absolutely love the idea of not just enjoying a family holiday but having something like this to look forward as a special highlight, imagine, Jamie O's Italian food!!
I'm hungry just thinking about it!

Have you been on a cruise?

Bek xo

*images courtesy of Cruise Agency.
*Sponsored Post, Opinions my own. especially about going a cruise, I have literally been working on manifesting that and planning my deck lounging outfits ;)

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